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Special Offer : We are offering free underarm hair removal (worth £390) with all of our Hollywood Bikini Hair Removal packages!

Laser hair removal can solve the hassle of shaving the bikini area and the problems that come along with it like ingrown hairs and rough feeling stubble.

  • No more ingrown hairs
  • Retain that just shaved, smooth feeling
  • Fuss free, time saving maintenance
  • Painless procedure
  • Suitable for all skin colours and types
  • Industry leading Spendor X technology

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Laser hair removal will reduce hair growth in your bikini area by up to 90% making it the number one long-term hair growth reduction method. In addition to putting a stop to unwanted hair, bikini laser hair removal also has some other benefits:

  • Reduces the risk of ingrown hairs, which are common in this part of the body.
  • It's less painful than other hair removal methods
  • It leaves you with softer and less irritated skin in this sensitive area

This has made Bikini laser hair removal a very popular treatment among women of all demographics.

2 Treatments For the Price of One

We are offering free underarm hair removal (standalone price £390) with all of our Hollywood Bikini Hair Removal packages!

A convenient alternative to the hassle of regular shaving and waxing. Laser Hair Removal is a quick yet gentle way of getting rid of unwanted armpit hair with long-lasting results.

Industry Leading Spendor X Technology

Splendor X uses a square beam technology over the more traditional circular beam. This allows us to cover a larger area without overlapping— guaranteeing uniform skin coverage. Splendor X offer the best way to remove unwanted nuisance hair from anywhere on your body, without the risk of burning associated with circular lasers. Furthermore, the built-in plume evacuator ensures a smoke-free and safer environment

Medically Lead Treatments

Dr Farmah encourages a more holistic stance on aesthetic treatments that includes leaving a positive impact on his patients’ mental & emotional wellbeing. What he brings to the table is not only his finely honed skills in aesthetics but also his years of experience as a psychiatric consultant.

Working through the Covid-19 pandemic and guiding a lot of patients through tough times has given him an increased appreciation for mental health in the aesthetics field.

If you are anxious, he’s more than capable of guiding you through the process. If you need solid advice on post-treatment wellness, he’s there to explain WHY, HOW and WHAT you need to do to improve your own sense of wellbeing.

He doesn’t just care about doing the treatment and moving on to the next patient. He wants the change on the outside to also reflect on the inside.

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